Looking for the Linn Canyon Ranch? That's our family's guest ranch over in Victor, Idaho!

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We produce sustainable local food in Jackson Hole.

The Linn Family has been farming and ranching in Jackson Hole using regenerative and sustainable practices since long before those terms were actually invented. Our goals are to build healthy soil, encourage biodiversity, provide habitat for native plants & wildlife, and nourish our friends & neighbors.

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  • What is a CSA Membership?

    CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. CSA Memberships support a small farm in return for a share of the harvest throughout each growing season. This is sometimes also called a farmshare. Our members share some of the risk involved in farming by paying for their share before the season starts. For instance, if we have a freak mid-season snowstorm a lot of our crops would get damaged. Normally that would be a huge financial blow to the farm, but in a CSA model the only thing that happens is the weekly shares are a little smaller.

  • Why should I join?

    So you can eat locally-grown produce all summer long! You will get a minimum of 12 (usually around 15) weekly pickups throughout the season. We grow everything right here on the Linn Ranch in Jackson Hole using regenerative agriculture techniques and practices. Our family homesteaded here 120 years ago, and you'll be helping us write the next chapter of that ranching history.

    We are only selling 40 CSA Memberships in 2024

  • What can I expect in my share?

    Shares will change week-to-week throughout the season based on what is ready to harvest. That's the fun of a CSA Membership! We are planning to grow a wide variety of veggies and greens (including tomatoes and cucumbers in our greenhouses) to ensure that each week is exciting, nutritious, and delicious. We will send you a harvest list each week.

Interested In Buying Wholesale?

We have partnerships with a select group of local restaurants & chefs who share our values & vision. Send us an email and let us know the details of what you are interested in and we'd be happy to see if we can accommodate.

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