Looking for the Linn Canyon Ranch? That's our family's guest ranch over in Victor, Idaho!

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Six generations of Jackson Hole ranching heritage.

In the warm embrace of the summer of 1905 an immigrant from Norway rode his trusty horse across the vast expanse of Wyoming. The hazy sagebrush prairie blended with the horizon, and as autumn leaves started to dance in the wind, he stumbled upon the pristine alpine beauty of Jackson Hole. With a chuckle and crisp mountain air filling his lungs again, he decided to homestead on the western bank of the Snake River (outside the town of Wilson, Wyoming). The old family joke is that the Tetons were the first thing he had seen in America that reminded him of home.

120 years and six generations later, the Linn Family is still working that original homestead. We've endeavored to be good stewards to this cherished riverbottom land, and we approach ranching with dedication and appreciation for the natural beauty and bounty of this place. Today we raise cattle, sell farm-fresh eggs, and grow some of the finest vegetables you can find in the valley—all using sustainable high-altitude regenerative agriculture practices.

The Linn Ranch has become a hub for culture & community: we rent outdoor spaces for parties and events. We also run a full-service guest ranch called the Linn Canyon Ranch outside of Victor, Idaho (a 30-minute drive over Teton Pass) where we host fantastic weddings and other large events. Visit the LCR website to learn more.

We're also carrying on the legacy of previous generations of Linns with our guided horse pack-trip business called Linn Outfitters. We offer unique custom horse-packing adventures and incredible guided hunts for all ages and abilities in the Wyoming backcountry. You can experience the beauty and wonder that first captivated our ancestor all those years ago.

Want to show the Linn Ranch some love and help support what we're doine? Shop our current selection of Linn Ranch agriculture products online at any time. We proudly offer seasonal Grass-fed Beef Shares and Vegetable CSA Memberships, hardy plant starts, freshly harvested veggies, vibrant cut flowers, and of course, our good lookin' and eco-friendly lineup of Linn Ranch merch.

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