Linn Ranch Gardens Hoop House

Linn Ranch Gardens Hoop House

That fact that it's snowing hard outside as I write this on April 21st, 2023, proves how important a hoop house or green house is to farming in Jackson Hole. We will be able to work under cover and in (relative) warmth starting much sooner than would otherwise be possible. It's also going to give us space to grow hundreds of tomato plants - expect lots more of those this year in your CSA share!

Our 30'x48' Rimol Rolling Thunder hoop house arrived on Wednesday morning at 8am on a gigantic tractor trailer that was way to big to fit in our driveway. We had been expecting it on Friday and had to scramble to get it unloaded. Ben and Anders were instrumental in getting it off the truck, and Dwayne loaned us his flatbed trailer for the task. Now it's all sitting on the frozen ground and ready to start being assembled!

We purchased our new hoop house with generous support from Slow Food in the Tetons Farmer Fund, the Teton Conservation District, and the NRCS High Tunnel Initiative.

Black dog running across road with large white semi truck in the background with snow on the ground.

The hoop house arrived on a huge semi truck whose driver was wearing shorts, despite the snow.

A disassembled Rimol Rolling Thunder greenhouse stacked in the back of a tractor trailer
Whole lotta room in this trailer! Doesn't look too big in pieces.
Two men kneeling on the floor working on unloading a palette of materials from the back of a tractor trailer.

Anders and Ben working to hook up the pallet so we can drag it out and pick it up with the backhoe.

A fully disassembled Rimol Rolling Thunder greenhouse sitting on a flatbed trailer on a snowy rural road.

All the greenhouse parts minus the polycarbonate end wall panels and doors.

A old man in a green puffy coat and orange hat standing in front of an orange backhoe that's unloading a pallet of materials from a flatbed trailer.

Thank goodness for the power of hydraulics.

A fully assembled Rimol Rolling Thunder greenhouse in front of tilled garden beds in summer.

The fully constructed hoop house will look something like this!
[file photo from Rimol]

In other Ranch news: it's calving season, and we have a few mommas that are very close. It's a waiting game at this point, and everyone is keeping a close eye on them so we can swoop in and help when the time comes. We're hoping Mother Nature gives us a break and some sunshine!

We still have a few organic vegetable CSA Memberships available. We're also looking for more summer volunteers - get your farmshare for half price and spend the summer growing food for our community! Email us for details.

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